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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : October 2014

Friday, 24 October 2014

Dressing your bump for a wedding

Last weekend we had a lovely wedding of an old friend. All exciting, however  I wanted find the best way to 'dress my bump'. 

Being a curvaceous 5ft 4 1/2 inches, my bump isn't quite developing how I might have imagined - I've seen friends with very neat bumps and I know we're all different but it does take some getting useful how you feel having this growing tummy. 

I'd imagine if you've always been slim then having such an obvious bump is blatantly a baby bump. Therefore there's no issue but personally at 22 weeks it's only been the last few weeks that I've started to look obviously preganant and not just fat!

How to dress you bump is an interesting one. I had chat with an older friend who told me when she was pregnant years ago she hid her bump the whole time in her husbands clothes. I think it's amazing that the fashion has changed to show off your bump but it's definitely an art. 

I've been given maternity clothes from friends which have been brilliant and it's fascinating to see what they wore - I've also been having fun playing with my wardrobe as to what I can still wear and what I've had to say goodbye to. 

Still it's all a discovery.. but what to wear to a posh do. My all time favourite site is Isabella Oliver  which one of my best dressed pals was modelling during her pregnancy.

So I treated myself to one of her dresses for this wedding, despite my Ma saying 'Well Nat, your short and you probably need to be a bit taller to get away with all that ruching' but I'm pleased to say I felt rather lovey in it and my hubby loved it too. Plus should we still get fashion advice from our mothers?

I would say that whilst the high street has brilliant maternity clothes, and so far I've found that H&M maternity jeans, over the bump,  are the comfiest. For a special occasion, Isabella Oliver is definitely a firm favourite. 

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Justin Theroux is a strange kind of Leftover..

I'm having a bit of an issue with Justin Theroux..fiance of Jennifer Aniston, cousin of Louis and star of new Sky Atlantic series The Leftovers  which is the story of the people left behind, three years after 140 million people (2% of the world's population) disappeared without a trace.  Now this is written by the same people who had us confused but completely obsessed with Lost. I'm on episode 5 still none the wiser. 

I confess, Justin Theroux was a draw to start watching The Leftovers in the first place.. admit it you'd think the same, as we've just seen him on Jen's arm and whilst there's all the 'will they won't they' I wanted to see if he could act, what he sounded like.. 

He plays police chief Kevin Garvey trying to hold 'it' and his town together after this strange happening. His wife has joined a weird cult, who don't speak. Instead they write notes to communicate and ALL chain smoke, wear white and generally piss everyone else off in the town.  I kinda like his character, but he's also kinda frustrating.. we've seen him sweaty, drunk, angry, lose the plot a bit and we've seen his large back tat! I don't know if I care though. His eyebrows seem to be getting more plucked but I' m not convinced by his character and its bugging me.
Justin has sweats in his sweats in The Leftovers
The back tat!

Each episode so far, has been getting more random. Christopher Eccleston, who I love,  plays a troubled vicar and his American accent is slightly off putting. He managed to come out almost unscathed from having a large rock thrown at his head and losing his church to the odd cult. We also have Liv Tyler who's joined the cult, having left her fiance hanging and is now communicating a la notepad and smoking like a trooper!

I'm not convinced this is a good series, but I'm still watching it which concerns me even more.. I feel I've now invested time into this bizarre unraveling plot and its my duty to stick with it.. Do you do the same? Are you hooked on a series that isn't all that? The Leftovers is on Tuesday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic 

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Erev Yom Kippur, a time to reflect..

Tonight sees the start of the holiest day in the Jewish religion, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement - a fast of repentance. A time to reflect and ask for forgiveness. Once a Jewish child has had their Bar or Batmitzvah they will then be expected to fast from sundown tonight until sunset tomorrow and attend a service at the Synagogue. 

Since 13, I have taken part in this fast and over the years my feelings towards the day have changed. At first it was a hardship and then as I understood it more as Yom Kippur became something with meaning. A chance to focus and cleanse my mind. As I've got older I have found the day somewhat freeing. This year I won't be fasting as I'm pregnant, which kinda feels like I'm cheating as its been such a custom for so many years. However I just saw a message from my Rabbi at SAMS describing how he feels we should think about Yom Kippur. He wrote:

"You shall free your souls, allow your souls to be rid of all of the usual bodily needs, constraints and desires and dedicate a 25 hour period to the spirit and the Divine"

This may sound heavy, but this idea of 'freeing' yourself is how I interpret what is expected of me, when we live in such busy lives, often not having time just to stop and think about the present. 

think it's essential to take time to reflect and although I won't be fasting I can still observe, stop and think and remember. 

How and where you choose to do this, is up to you. If, like me, you wish to do it in a religious context then I hope it gives you all the spiritual connection you strive for. 

If you don't observe there is still a vital part of human nature that needs to take time every now and again to take stock, reflect, reassess. Too many of us, I think, are guilty of denying ourselves this very simple task. 

In a challenging year for the Jewish community,as lot of judgement has been passed by society as a whole on issues that aren't properly understood. We as a people, continue to self protect by raising awareness of growing anti antisemitism sharing stories and experiences. 

Have a read about a recent article a friend and stand up comic Bennet Arron wrote in The Jewish Chronicle. Bennett was in complete disbelief at the reaction he received this summer at his gigs when mentioning he's Jewish. It's heart breaking. Bennett is a brilliant talent yet now he's facing more barriers and questioning his 'comic' identity. 

Attacks on the Jewish people are nothing new and there are plenty of stories about heightened security across the UK for the High Holy days.  Social media has proved to be a terrifying place for people to attack and abuse us.  

Today I saw Yom Kippur trending on twitter and cautiously had a look to see whether it was in good taste or just another excuse for blame, have a look - see what you think. 

Sadly there is still fighting in the Middle East despite the UK media reporting it less than over the last few months, but the one thing I think this year has taught me is how much ignorance people have about subjects they might comment on online. 

Free speech is a given, we are a democracy but when 'memes' are shared that aren't really understood, you must ask yourself WHY you are doing it, does it really matter to you, or do you just think it will make you look smart? 

Shabbat Shalom

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