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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : If you're pregnant - don't smoke. SIMPLE!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

If you're pregnant - don't smoke. SIMPLE!

I'm so maddened with the news today that pregnant women who smoke are to be given financial incentives in the form of shopping vouchers to stop smoking!

It's not enough for the expectant mother to be given the information that smoking is the cause of around 5,000 miscarriages a year, as well as more than 100 still births and more than 100 infant deaths.

Oh no, because of their reluctance to stop there has been a trial of more than 600 women in Glasgow. It found that smokers who were paid up to £400 in shopping vouchers were more than twice as likely to quit! This is meant to be an alternative to the £87.5m it costs the NHS to treat the after affects of smoking during pregnancy in babies and mothers.

At 9 months pregnant with my first child maybe I'm more sensitive to this. The responsibility when carrying a child is massive and as a former smoker I'm fully aware of how addictive the fags can be. 

But my incentive to stop was trying to conceive.. that to me was so important as I wanted to be as healthy as possible. 

Then when it took longer than expected and being more complicated that we'd hope,  to fall pregnant - trying to keep my health at an optimum was such a priority. 

I'm just filled with disdain for women who smoke during pregnancy and have been guilty of throwing evil looks when I've seen them - because it exasperates me! I smoked from aged 15, it was such a part of me - but I couldn't have ever imagined smoking whilst pregnant.

There is JUST NO excuse. 

I'm currently binge watching Call the Midwife where everyone smokes and it's bizarre to think how it was so accepted in the 50's but NO more. Your willpower and your future child's well being should be the only incentive you need and I don't think i'm being naive here. 

What kind of message are we saying in society 'Hey pregnant lady who smokes, here's £400 shopping vouchers to help you quit' 

Not even once you've quit. 

What about all the women who don't smoke or have managed to quit, nah, you don't get the vouchers - which could really help prepare for you baby, because you are responsible adults it's just the bloody idiots who have the likes of Kerry Katona speaking out on their behalf. 

As I've already had a rant on my facebook about this a fellow pregnant friend has informed me that Kerry has said something along the lines of the 'stress' of quitting the fags would cause to the mum would harm the baby. 

Get that woman a gag!

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At 28 January 2015 at 17:48 , Blogger Gemma Dentith said...

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At 28 January 2015 at 17:54 , Blogger Gemma Dentith said...

Natalie, well said, I totally agree with your every word and I very nearly called into LBC enroute to the gym this morning to express similar feelings. What gets me is that on the one hand the argument is that it saves the NHS/tax payers money in the longer term if the expectant mother quits, therefore bettering her and her unborn child's health. However, on the other hand this morning the presenter went on to say, "so what if the mother takes it up afterwards, at least the child will benefit". Bit of a contradiction from a NHS justification. Obviously, as an expectant mother myself, my concern is foremost for the unborn, personally I can't see a correlation between stopping smoking and going shopping but for whatever reason it has been reported to be working. Plus, with the amount of awareness raising around smoking, these expectant mothers who qualify for the dosh, are not uneducated, they know the deal, but equally are happy to take the handout! Statically, I don't know the success rate and whether these women have actually quit or are just playing the system. Either way, it saddens me to learn that knowing that they are potentially damaging their unborn isn't enough... But chuck them £400 and that's enough to give them a conscious! It's ridiculous!


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