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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Moved to the couch...

Friday, 9 January 2015

Moved to the couch...

Having reached 33 weeks of being pregnant and completed our #NCT classes the countdown really is on for the upcoming arrival of our first baby!! Excitement, fear - lots of emotions running as I get ready to leave work as well.. 

Now, I confess I was slightly nervous about the whole NCT class. Everyone tells you it's where you make 'friends for life'. However the weekend before a pal told me over lunch how she knew instantly at her class, that there wasn't a single couple her and her hubby would gel with.. eek. I purposely didn't mention that to my other half and put it to the back of my mind. 

We went to a weekend intensive course and...it was good. The lady taking the course told us all we needed to know using various quirky methods. We saw some graphic pics, drank lots of tea and  we have a great group. The emails are flowing, the facebook and what's app group are being set up and it all feels rather lovely to have access to folk in the same boat as us. 

This Wednesday night was our breast feeding session and another opportunity to share tips, including one new friend - saying she'd slept on the couch the night before and had the best night's sleep ever.

So as I woke at 1.24am this morning, ahead of my 4.00am weekly alarm , with all the aches and pains of being weeble shaped. I thought - enough is enough (my pillow den all around wasn't cutting it) plus there's only so many times I can keep my husband awake this side of the baby arriving... 

Of I went to the couch and OH MY, a lovely deep slumber for the few remaining hours I had left. I know sleeping on the couch isn't anything revolutionary, but comfort and sleep get less and less the more pregnant you get and when like me you have to get up early for work - such a simple revelation is worth writing about!  

So I'm writing this all sprightly and optimistic that my sleep tonight will be as good and as a tip to any other preggars ladies,  - get on that couch!

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