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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Dressing your bump for a wedding

Friday, 24 October 2014

Dressing your bump for a wedding

Last weekend we had a lovely wedding of an old friend. All exciting, however  I wanted find the best way to 'dress my bump'. 

Being a curvaceous 5ft 4 1/2 inches, my bump isn't quite developing how I might have imagined - I've seen friends with very neat bumps and I know we're all different but it does take some getting useful how you feel having this growing tummy. 

I'd imagine if you've always been slim then having such an obvious bump is blatantly a baby bump. Therefore there's no issue but personally at 22 weeks it's only been the last few weeks that I've started to look obviously preganant and not just fat!

How to dress you bump is an interesting one. I had chat with an older friend who told me when she was pregnant years ago she hid her bump the whole time in her husbands clothes. I think it's amazing that the fashion has changed to show off your bump but it's definitely an art. 

I've been given maternity clothes from friends which have been brilliant and it's fascinating to see what they wore - I've also been having fun playing with my wardrobe as to what I can still wear and what I've had to say goodbye to. 

Still it's all a discovery.. but what to wear to a posh do. My all time favourite site is Isabella Oliver  which one of my best dressed pals was modelling during her pregnancy.

So I treated myself to one of her dresses for this wedding, despite my Ma saying 'Well Nat, your short and you probably need to be a bit taller to get away with all that ruching' but I'm pleased to say I felt rather lovey in it and my hubby loved it too. Plus should we still get fashion advice from our mothers?

I would say that whilst the high street has brilliant maternity clothes, and so far I've found that H&M maternity jeans, over the bump,  are the comfiest. For a special occasion, Isabella Oliver is definitely a firm favourite. 

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