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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Spread your wings, take a few minutes and fly...

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Spread your wings, take a few minutes and fly...

Yesterday I spoke to a man called Dave Newman who works for the Young Lewisham Project (YLP) who are collecting unwanted bikes to fix up and send to Africa 

Dave got the idea after seeing a film called The Boy Who Flies which I just saw a clip of and had to share. Please spend a few minutes and watch it. Whilst paragliding is something on my bucket list and kite flying is joyful just look at the fun they all have cycling around. 

Dave is going to be working with Godfrey, the 'Boy Who Flies' having been so inspired by what he saw him do in the film. Whilst Godfrey pursues his flying dream, building The School of Dreams, he travels around the country by bike. Dave told me how vital bikes are in Malawi and how much of a difference they make. 

Working with 10-16 year old's Dave and his team are teaching youngsters how to fix bikes and he says when they get to go out on rides together the kids get a real sense of what they achieved as they're riding a bike they put together. 

I love my bike and think cycling is such a special and simple pleasure to have in your world. My friend Nick Gendler contacted me last week. We cycled from London to Amsterdam together in 2009 raising funds for World Jewish Relief(WJR). I loved it and will definitely do something similar again one day. Nick is off again cycling 100 miles from London to Surrey and wanted sponsorship which I gladly gave. Another friend and fellow broadcaster Amy Voce is doing a mammoth cycle challenge in the US to raise money for Prostate Cancer. 

Whilst these distances might seem too much for many to handle if you've never experienced the joy of getting on a bike and having the sun on your face and the wind through your hair, treat yourself and give it a go. 

I still know people who can't ride a bike and when see the joy on the face of the Malawian kids riding their bikes you know its something you too want to experience. 

On Ya Bike! Visit http://bikeability.dft.gov.uk/the-three-levels/cycling-skills-for-adults/

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