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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Repair your wares!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Repair your wares!

I don't know why but I seem to break or slightly ruin things. Whilst living with a friend he told me the one thing that mattered was this wonky mug lovingly made by his 7 year old niece.. His words to me 'Whatever you do, don't break it'.. one day, of course.. it fell out of my hand. Luckily we're still friends but I don't know why it happened. 

Now I'm married to a man who takes such pride with his possessions, however he has to bare the brunt of my clumsiness. I've managed to chip several items of our furniture, damage electrical items of his that I've borrowed, stained chopping boards with beetroot or some exotic spice, shrunk beloved items of clothing that have been in possession for years, marked luggage.. .it just always happens to me. 

I don't MEAN for this to happen. it's almost as if I pre-empt it. I think some of us are destined to be more inept than others. I'm not talking as bumbling as Miranda but I definitely have my 'moments'. 

So I was somewhat to relieved to read in the Guardian about how more and more of us Brits are spending time fixing things, as I can do that.. I can repair stuff.. well within reason.

I've started knitting and have almost finished a few items, so that's productive. Not that I can knit the damages of broken goods away, but it's all relative.  You see, as times are still hard, of course we become more thifty. Only the other day a good friend told me about the ¬£10 Jigsaw suit she'd bought from a charity shop for her new City job. More and more of us are also learning how to fix stuff and there is a growing movement of 'Repair Cafe's' around the world where you can bring broken furniture, toys, clothes along and get help to fix them. http://repaircafe.org/about-repair-cafe/

You know those items you're holding on to, cause you want to get them fixed, well now you can!

BLOODY BRILLIANT, I think! I've found one at the end of this month in Cambridge and there's one nearer me in Royston in July, so I'm gonna go along and will let you know how I get on. 

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