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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Justin Theroux is a strange kind of Leftover..

Friday, 10 October 2014

Justin Theroux is a strange kind of Leftover..

I'm having a bit of an issue with Justin Theroux..fiance of Jennifer Aniston, cousin of Louis and star of new Sky Atlantic series The Leftovers  which is the story of the people left behind, three years after 140 million people (2% of the world's population) disappeared without a trace.  Now this is written by the same people who had us confused but completely obsessed with Lost. I'm on episode 5 still none the wiser. 

I confess, Justin Theroux was a draw to start watching The Leftovers in the first place.. admit it you'd think the same, as we've just seen him on Jen's arm and whilst there's all the 'will they won't they' I wanted to see if he could act, what he sounded like.. 

He plays police chief Kevin Garvey trying to hold 'it' and his town together after this strange happening. His wife has joined a weird cult, who don't speak. Instead they write notes to communicate and ALL chain smoke, wear white and generally piss everyone else off in the town.  I kinda like his character, but he's also kinda frustrating.. we've seen him sweaty, drunk, angry, lose the plot a bit and we've seen his large back tat! I don't know if I care though. His eyebrows seem to be getting more plucked but I' m not convinced by his character and its bugging me.
Justin has sweats in his sweats in The Leftovers
The back tat!

Each episode so far, has been getting more random. Christopher Eccleston, who I love,  plays a troubled vicar and his American accent is slightly off putting. He managed to come out almost unscathed from having a large rock thrown at his head and losing his church to the odd cult. We also have Liv Tyler who's joined the cult, having left her fiance hanging and is now communicating a la notepad and smoking like a trooper!

I'm not convinced this is a good series, but I'm still watching it which concerns me even more.. I feel I've now invested time into this bizarre unraveling plot and its my duty to stick with it.. Do you do the same? Are you hooked on a series that isn't all that? The Leftovers is on Tuesday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic 

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