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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : If I make a Baked Alaska will I get on Newsnight?

Friday, 29 August 2014

If I make a Baked Alaska will I get on Newsnight?

I caught up on the Great British Bake Off yesterday, a day late after #freezergate. Annoyingly the drama was spoilt due to my dear co-presenter being over excited and along with the national press told me the outcome of Iain Watters and his bake going into the bin before I had a chance to witness it. But he made it onto last night's Newsnight!

We all love the Bakeoff, my hubby and I took some time out yesterday afternoon to catch up on the missed episode.

Admit you have favourites. I wasn't sad to see Jordan go the other day, sorry but I wouldn't want to eat anything he'd made, Richard, Louis and Kate are my top three. Especially as I've now discovered Kate's Brighton based quirky furniture line  I'm in agreement with Paul 'Silver Fox' Hollywood that Norman is playing it safe and I really hope that Chetna stays in, as not only does she remind me of one of my mates, but I think she's fab and she's made me think of buying orange converse. These are all significant criteria for liking someone on the telly!

This morning the front page news is that Diana Beard, the cool Granny has left the bakeoff tent. Despite being the oldest baker on #GBBO and wearing Nike Air Max in the tent, we will see her no more - and I thought her sponge puds in teacups were genius! Reports are mixed as to whether she Diana is ill or she has also had a 'meltdown' over her portrayal during #freezergate.. 

There's too many hash tags for one TV show really, plus our exacerbation hasn't gone           unnoticed as our friends across the pond are now taking the mickey. We might have got a little carried away with Iain Watters appearing on Newsnight last night, even if his cake looked yum!

I've never made a baked alaska, maybe I should try if this is how it can raise one's profile! Here's the GBBO recipe watch this space it might make the news!

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