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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : November 2014

Saturday, 29 November 2014

The realisation of being a freelancer

Having spent last Friday at a freelancer training day, it hit home during a 'personal branding' session that I can do SO much more to market myself as a freelancer. I've struggled for a while to actually define what I do as I have several hats, with radio presenting, voice over work, podcasting, hosting events and creating content for various blogs. 

I have been  guilty in the past of starting projects for myself and not really seeing them through, saying yes to things that I don't have time to do. 

As I'm about to finish a big work contract, I've been making a conscious effort to implement a strategy, refine and define what I'm doing. However this takes up a lot of time, along with the paid work that I do on a day to day basis. It can stress you out...it means you're working more and more.

I'm doing more work bits at the weekend, now this isn't anything new. As a freelancer, work has never been 9-5 and I'm fine with that, but I wonder whether it's bad work etiquette to allow work in more on the 'associated days of rest?' I've heard from friends in the past who have gone part time and been bored, I can't work out fitting all I want to do into one day!

My other half often has work at the weekend, so neither of us work a 'normal' working week. For me, at the moment, my work as a radio presenter at this time of year involves turning on Christmas lights following a stream of Bonfire nights makes the weekends a busy time. 

Is it detrimental to your well being? 

Personally I don't think so. As a voice over, I might get scripts in on a Friday and feel like downing tools, only to pick them up again on Sat  or Sunday depending what out plans are. If that's the case, I'll make that my Monday is less hectic - or if work doesn't allow then another day in the week. It's a case for redefining your week. Midweek matinees and cinema  trips are allowed, as is a visit to the supermarket which is almost blissful as it's often so empty. 

What is essential about being a freelancer is that it's down to you to decide what you spend your time doing. Be organised, make lists, build lists, keep an electronic and a paper calendar. Book ahead.. there's lots more to add, but I think that's a good starting point x

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mitch Winehouse spoke about how he can now listen to Amy's songs, at last night's Amy Winehouse Foundation Ball

Friday, 7 November 2014

Pregnancy drinking - pass the Bumbleberry juice!

Earlier in the week I had a lovely belated birthday lunch with my pal at The Sun Inn, Kislingbury, in  Northamptonshire  and as normal, there's the slight wonder as you approach the bar to order a drink.. will there be anything other than sparkling water for me to imbibe for a change.. and lo and behold there was.

I'm not a big fan of fruit juice, unless I've squeezed it because to be honest it's full of sugar and I'd prefer the sparking H20, but it does get boring though. I'm out tonight for a new bar opening in St Albans, and hoping they have some ideas for the non drinkers! Bring on the Mocktails. 

Yesterday of course there was constant discussion in the media about alcohol during pregnancy being a crime, with the tragic case of a seven year old girl being taken into care as her mother drank 'an enormous amount' during pregnancy. 

Sometimes I think I fancy a drink but until Baby S is as fully formed as possible, I'm trying to be toxin free. Personally  I feel, I've got a responsibility to do the best I can to grow this person inside of me, so it doesn't make sense to put it at any risk. It's been challenging, as there as social situations like weddings, parties that it would be great to have a drink but to be honest, I've had a sip and it's tasted off. Plus, my husband has been well briefed that I expect a bottle of Verve waiting for me, post birth 
(I know, I know... breast feeding - a girl can  dream)

So back to the pub. There were some interesting looking bottles in its fridge that caught my eye and I asked the ever so friendly landlady about them.  She explained they were a new edition that they sourced at the The Northampton Food and Drink show earlier this year. 

A brand called Frobishers and my main reason for going so far as to blog about them, is because there was one called  Bumbleberry juice. It was delicious. What a great name! It was pretty rich, so I couldn't have more than one but such a treat to have something different in a pub.

I wish more pubs would think about their non-drinking customers. Surely it's not a surprise to know that just not all non-drinkers are happy with Diet Coke / J20 uggh!  Please if you are responsible for stocking any boozer shelves, think of those of us who for whatever our reason aren't boozing!

I will however now be drinking Gaviscon (on prescription thanks to the pregnancy NHS card)! However I first received a thorough talking by the Dr about how there's no proof that it's safe in pregnancy, but I dutifully explained I won't be glugging it down like Hermione Norris's brilliant character in 'In the Club'  - which caused much debate on Mumsnet! I just wanted it to hand, as I do seem to be suffering from indigestion more than before.

I've found hot water and honey is a good cure plus, these Licorice tablets are a more natural way to combat the wind! 

It's constantly fascinating how the body responds to all these changes going on and I can't help but think why not try and help it along by being as clean as possible - why hinder how things are working by reaching for the vino?

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