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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Take a look at my face...

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Take a look at my face...

After a wonderful weekend with some of my oldest friends, I was struck with how well we all scrubbed up. We've always been a pretty lot, I remember an old boyfriend commenting years ago about how all my pals were attractive, and we all talked about how we felt we looked better with age. We're all 38 ish.. and to be honest we do. As my group of girlfriends enter their fourth decade and between us there's been babies, serious operations, sadness and heartache and lots of happy times. There's a lot to be said about how we look...

Because that's the world we live... people comment on how other people look. We can't avoid it, it's everywhere. Yesterday I saw a headline  in The Sun about Lauren Goodger (from Towie) and how she was looking her 'best ever'. Lauren who you may or may not know, has been documented for her yo-yoing figure has not got herself into great shape and is now proudly sharing pics on her social media. She apparently said she was fed up with being a 'fat failure'.

 Her words struck me, to be honest they saddened me. Lauren, who I have never met, has annoyed me with her 'media presence' as she always manages to get herself a load of unnecessary grief from evil tongues due to bad choices in outfits and the photos she's shared Here I am judging!! However it looks like she's been working really hard and I really do hope she's happy as she is now (I'm sure they're be a DVD just in time for Chrimbo - but that's the cynic in me.)

I digress... on my way to meet my girlfriends whilst on the train I caught my reflection and the way the light fell as I went through a tunnel and could see all my wrinkles on my forehead and the pores on my face and I thought.. oh no, my skin! As Isaid earlier, I'm 38 and even if I feel 28, there's lines showing many a good time!

You see, whilst we can all train and eat right and get our bodies looking good, can we halt the lines on our face (yes I know about botox etc) that's not what I mean..Can we use skincare to do it. For years, I've tried to be good at taking my make up off, and cleansing and using moisturiser. Now I am using a night cream when I can afford it, or a serum. and in the words of Ms Bradshaw... it got me to wondering, is it gonna help me?

It scares me to be honest. I don't want to be wrinkly and old looking  - is that awful. Am I so shallow?. I guess becoming a mother seriously makes you realise that you are getting older. Running my own business has probably contributed to an extent, but then my job is good fun so even that doesn't make me feel old.

The lines on my forehead are my biggest concern. I wrinkle my head a lot, what can I say, I have active eyebrows!

With my other half being Mr Herbalife, I was keen to know more about their SKIN range which launched last year. One thing I try to do is use paraben free products and was pleased to hear that Herbalife had launched its line that was just this. Hubby got me a 7 day trial pack and here's the before and after pics.

At the start of the 7 days
After 7 days

Now I don't know about you, but I think I can see a bit of a change. Considering it was only 7 days. I've now added a night cream to my collection of Herbalife Skin products. So I'm using their Aloe Vera soothing face cleanser, good old Nivea moisturiser (had a giant pot to finish)  and the replenishing  night cream. My skin feels good. I like the smell and the feel of the product and I'm going to see if I can stick to a new regime.

Of course, it's also important to keep hydrated and I've been making a real effort to drink more water. Not in a ridiculous way - as a facebook post I made earlier in the month incited all sorts of unexpected comments about the dangers of drinking too much water.. Come on..I'm not talking about bathing in it, and yes whilst focusing on drinking more H20 does inevitably mean more trips to the loo it's much more satisfying to have pee that is almost clear rather than that rancid dark colour - sorry too much!
Anyway, i took a picture last night of my face and I'm going to do the same in a month and if I can see a difference then I will be posting a lot more about these products as I want to see whether they hold their claims.


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