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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Breastfeeding in the Library

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Breastfeeding in the Library

I have a new date, Rhyme Time, every Tuesday at 11am my little man and I go to the library and sing along with Bookstart Bear.. 

I didn't predict this would be such a entertaining 30 mins of my parenting experience but then neither did I know that I'd get SO good as using my left hand and my feet for things I'd normally use my right hand for!!

My rekindled love affair with the library was prompted by a talk given at one of the post natal classes I'd attended where a lovely lady from St Albans Library made a point of telling us that they encourage noise .Gone of the days of the stereotypical 'sshhhhing' from the angry librarian peering over his / her specs. 

I know it's an obvious thing to highlight the perks of a Library, but did you know you can borrow magazines! Yep no more baby books for me, I've been pawing through them all from Olive to Marie Claire - looking at all the lush clothes I won't be buying whilst on Maternity leave. But what a handy resource whilst spending my dwindling pennies on coffee's with my new mummy mates, I can now get some mags. 

Today's libraries are so uber cool, with the self check in and outs making you feel slightly like you're playing library.. and the books, well apart from noticing the latest Louis de Berniers  book was with on a week loan ( likely!!) so I opted for a knitting book! Ha, I know I've changed but there's a brilliant t-rex and monkey toy i'm going to have  go at. All the latest biographies, travel, cook books, loads of DVD box sets which if you don't have Sky or the like are a winner and CD's... I can't remember the last time I bought new music..

Yesterday after Rhyme Time I was sat with the paper breast feeding my little man and no-one batted an eye lid and I didn't think twice about where I was, which I thought was pretty impressive to be made to feel that comfortable. I do have such fond memories of the library as a child which then turned into somewhat stressed ones - desperately trying to get my dissertation done at University and quote loads of reference books in the hope it made me sound like I knew what I'd written about!

Now  I'm glad to say I've got a good relationship with the place again. So if you've not even thought of using your local library of late, why not make it a date x

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