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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Never mind the election, how's' Kate getting on?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Never mind the election, how's' Kate getting on?

What a week last week... with the general election.. (I'm not airing my views) and it was also the Duchess's first week with Princess Charlotte. 

Now whatever your view on the manner in which the Duchess of Cambridge left the hospital, there is one thing she definitely has in common with the rest of us other new mums... she will be using BREAST PADS!

Now you might think it is a dull life, that of a breast pad but you'd be wrong. I doubt you've ever thought about it much. You might be reading this and have no idea what one is ( mainly used by nursing Mum's). 

The breast pad starts out snugly packed layer of plastic and depending on its manufacturer this will happily split in two when pressure is applied to pull apart. This isn't always the case if you come from Mothercare or Pure Baby however - oh no, you behave like that irritating packed of in flight peanuts served when you decide to fly BA, rather than Easy Jet. You know how you get a little too excited when served your complimentary G&T and pack of nuts... but even your teeth won't open them! The breast pad, like the pack of peanuts ends up a little worse for wear.. The pad doesn't  manage to a safe entrance into the world, instead its already 'dog eared'. 

Now there are the more robust pads, brands whose outer wrapping seems to split neatly in two when earlier mention pressure is applied,thank you Boots and Lansinoh so the first view of the soon to be 'breast' friend is a whole one! Then there is the adhesive strip, how easy to remove can help or hinder. Also whether it is on both sides of the pad seems to differ - why limit the amount of stickiness is beyond me!

A breast pad is normally going to be thrust into the cup of a bra, whilst it's wearer is juggling a baby on one shoulder, probably half dressed with the possibility of the hair dryer going to save time all at once. Meanwhile baby goes from a slightly agitated state to one of hysteria. For this very reason insertion should be simple. sadly, if the sticky tape isn't enough, the pad can move / fall as soon as the bra is slung onto the body. Grrr!

I becomes very apparent that where pads are stored is also an important consideration, for maximum usage they need to be in the nursery, the nappy bag, the loo and the bedside drawer at least.

Throughout the day, a breast pads role is pretty straight forward, which is why your mischievous pad thinks its much more fun to move slightly just to keep its presence known . A favourite trick is to move under the boob only to be discovered in the shower, once the soap has been applied! Other places of interest can be inside tops, or peeking out to get a good view when that removable bra strap hasn't been replaced.

I'm yet to get to the end of a pad's life without it being scrunched up and not as it should be..

Will Kate have this struggle.. I believe she will... no amount of hairdressers, stylists or even having a Prince for a husband can fix the rogue breast pad

Marks out of 10:
5/10 due to poor wrapping 
3/10 impossible to open and scrunch far too easily 
7/10 easier to open but only have sticky on side!
9/10 neatly perforated to pull apart with ease, have sticky on both sides and don't scrunch easily.. 

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