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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : January 2013

Friday, 4 January 2013

Come on then 2013

Do you read your stars at the start of a New Year, I love to and my stars said this year I'm in a serious cycle of exploration! I don't know about you but I'm raring to go. I'm moving at the end of the month, with the Hubster which means it'll be the first place new to the pair of us, as he moved in with me. That alone will clear the cobwebs and then will be the set up of my voiceover booth. I've just downloaded a few books from a fellow voiceover pal @voiceoveranna on twitter which once I've consumed i'll share on here. One of my first action points is to not get overwhelmed with the plans I have, which is a common tendancy of mine. I end up panicking about where to start. So the most productive i've been recently was after reading  a book by John Williams @johnsw called 'Screw Work Lets Play' a great book if you need a fresh approach to your work, and to see it as something fun you do.

I then took part in the 30 day challenge through John and his colleague @selinebaker and for 30 days set about doing 20 min at least on my chosen project, which was to set myself up as a voiceover from home.. the things is I then got engaged, so my focus shifted on planning a wedding. But i'm back on it and 2013 it's gonna happen. So i've not got books to read, kit to buy along with people to target, meta tags to set..

Yesterday was my 1st day 'back at work' on the radio show and then i spent the arvo doing my tax return, which i loathe, but it's almost done. Another mission for this year is to be more organised with the official financial stuff - open those letters rather than making piles of them.. avoidance tactics will not be my downfall.

So here's to the year of transformation as 2013 is being called. Bring it on!