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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Supermarket chic

Friday, 22 February 2013

Supermarket chic

What are you're views on supermarket clothes? Cause I LOVE them. I started years ago with George at Asda, I used to do a late night talk show on Heart in Nottingham, and finished at 1am. My best mate, who is in the Police, used to meet me after work if she was doing a night shift and we'd go shopping in the early hours, as it was 24 hours! Then I discovered Florence and Fred at Tesco and now Gok is in Sainsbury's, and I've got some brilliant bargains from him! Last summer I bought a gorgeous colourful 50's style dress from Gok's first range which I wore for my engagement party and everyone couldn't believe it was from Sainsbury's and only cost £40.

I like to call my slight obesssion 'Supermarket chic', the trick is to hold back from what I also call 'bargain tourrets'. This is when someone compliments an item I've bought for a cheap price, I can't help but tell them it was a supermarket purchase and how much it cost. Admit it you've done it.

So yesterday I needed to buy a few items on route to the gym and remembered the big Asda in Hatfield, and as i walked in I was met by a massive point of sale for Skyfall, it was like Daniel Craig was welcoming me into the George bit.. so I obliged and got these two for a total cost of £20.  

I always get compliments on the stuff I get, so in these difficult times, if you need a little something for your wardrobe don't overlook those clothing aisles.  N x

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