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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Learning to Ski and bending zee knees

Friday, 8 February 2013

Learning to Ski and bending zee knees

If like me you are one of the few people that has never been Skiing - why not have some lessons! Finally i'm going on a Ski holiday with some pals.. My hubby @lifestyledeluxe is delighted as he's a 'seasonaire' and has been desperate to 'take me up a mountain' since we've been together. So in 1 month's time we're off to France, to La Tania for a week.

I didn't want to spend my whole time there in Ski school and only be good on the last day, as working in Milton Keynes it seems silly to not get some lessons at the Xscape in MK. So I've now completed Level 2! First up though I had to buy some gear, so the day before my first lesson, off I went to TK Max. I was slightly nervous as I know this all gets quite costly and I'd not really listened to my hubby telling me to do it sooner rather than later, as all the good stuff goes as early Jan. I'd seen salopetts galore on the rails at TK... not the case this time.. BUT I found these which I rather love..Nike Storm wear for £34

Then it came to the jacket. Now again, I didn't want to spend much, but knew i wanted to look the part and not like a marshmellow man. Annoyingly the cheaper jackets are less flattering and LONG in the body. But after a good trapse round the discount outdoor stores at the Galleria in Hatfield (which had a good selection I must say) I went for a pretty plain white Trespass jacket, some gloves, a hat and a snood thingy.. The lot incl my pants, cost me £106 not bad!

Next day at work a colleague started chatting about skiing to me,it's amusing how everyone has an opinion when you tell them it's your first time. This lady was telling me it was 'all about the brands' and whatever I wore I should definately not wear Trespass (oops) but then offered me here Merino wool base layers. I'll have them thanks a lot. Another of my pals has been skiing for years and always has amazing clothes anyway so I've tapped her up for more base layers. I want to make sure I still look the part for the Apres Ski - eh (get me with my jargon!)

So Ski lesson 1 - easy, learning the snow plough.. The boots, not the comfiest, the helmet - stunk! I think @SnozoneMK should invest in some new ones there.. luckily I wore a hat under it. A week later I was back doing my level 2 - a snow plough with a turn, whoop whoop - the instructor said I did well and I passed with flying colours. Apparently it's a good thing that I kept stopping initially, as it showed good control! BUT I forgot my hat, so my hair stunk from the helmet. TIP wear a beany under a borrowed helmet!

This Monday is Level 3. I think we learn to use the lift thing that you have to straddle. A bit nervous about the lifts / and the chair lifts! I must say though, I've very quickly got quite into this skiing lark. I knew I would be, but was worried I'd be rubbish. I admit i've not done much, but I think i've got the knack..

Let's see what happens over the next few weeks and then once i'm on the piste though.

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