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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : 10 things I learnt from Sound Women

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

10 things I learnt from Sound Women

Last night was another event at Sound Women (www.soundwomen.co.uk)  - an amazing organisation for women in the Audio industry to have a sounding board for career matters, a meeting place for pals in the industry if like me you don't get to go to as many events as you'd like due to work hours. If you've already been to an event and hope to go to more, do join! Sound Women needs your membership to continue with it's brilliant work.

Last night was a session about 'Branding You' - a daunting task and something that I've now had confirmed is a constantly evolving process, phew - note to self to stop panicking!

The enticing Nataha Maw was introducing the panel, sporting her fab Audrey Tatou inspired bob - talking herself about the challenges she faces, with regards to branding herself. The speakers were Alison Hand from brand consultancy Quadrangle, Sue Llewelyn founder of @UltrasocialUK and the wonderfully entertaining Carole Stone from You GovStone Ltd

As an avid note taker at these things,I wanted to share some of the tips from these inspiring ladies:

1)Alison talked about making sure you can differentiate your brand, so people will really buy into YOU but never do this at the expense of your integrity or authenticity. So I'm off to figure out the brand values of Natalie B!

2)Be conscious of your story and inject personality into it

3)Be brave but not stupid

4)Sue used a rugby analogy of touch pause, engage - making sure there is a human face to your brand 

5)A great tip is to google yourself and if you don't like what you find, work to clean it up.. get yourself and make sure your social networking profile is in good shape -twitter /audioboo/soundcloud/linkedin/facebook/pintrest/instagram, which ever you are doing make them stand out as employers will be looking at them

6) On twitter, talk to influencers - become a trusted source and don't be afraid to get ideas from your competitors  - adopt, adapt and improve them

7)Suprise and Delight with your tweets

8)Carole Stone suggested holding weekly 'salons' as a great way of meeting people

9)Her motto is 'Always have a go'.. you'll never regret that one

10) From me @NatalieBonAir to you - shine bright and enjoy what you can see!!

Lovely to see @andrea_fox @posyb @catmcdonald
@MsMariaWilliams @carina_

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