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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : December 13th - lucky for me..

Thursday, 13 December 2012

December 13th - lucky for me..

I know it's not a Friday, but it's the 13th, it's freezing, Christmas is nearly hear and once again I've got far too over excited buying presents and spent too much money - but hey ho, you can't take it with you as they say!

So I'm determined to start 2013 shouting loud. My name is Natalie and despite writing a blog for my work and attempting to get one going in the past, I'm going to make a point of sticking to this one. I've just had a very productive meeting with my pal Matt Bigg who is the calmest man in St Albans and is helping 'culminate' my different strings to my bow to hopefully get things rocking and a rolling for me. 

The things is - to many it seems like everything is sorted, I present a daily breakfast radio show for Heart Home Counties - Mon to Friday from 6am.. it's fun, getting up at 4am isn't but I love the fact that i have a laugh for my job. My problem is I want more.. I want to be doing more voiceover work which is something else I do, I want to make a great regular podcast about the going's on in St Albans which is where I live. I've started doing this with another pal - Ellie who has a great blog called Style in my City and in time I'll get better at linking everyone to this blog. 

My problem is I'm incredibly impatient and I don't read things through properly, which means I don't fully take on information.. so often, I don't quite get it... I almost do.. 

I think I cover this well but if you imagine a swan gliding beautifully on the lake in in Verulamium Park - underneath it's legs are going crazy.. that's how my mind is. 

I got married 3 months ago, and had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon. I'm very proud of our Mad Hatter wedding, as it was wicked fun, despite being a slight 'mare' to organise. Now my hubby and I are trying to make our mark with our various business ventures. He wants to help people get their nutrition sorted and stay in shape - more of that to come on here no doubt. But for now it's all about me. 

I am wanting to use this blog to attract more interest in audio - whether it's me doing a voiceover for you or helping your website stand out by having audio snippets for customers / clients to listen to.. or if you've got an interesting story to tell and we can make it into a podcast.. these are all things I'm wanting to achieve and I'm determined to stop talking about all this and make it happen in 2013. 

Until the next time ta ta for now x


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