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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : A Herbalife day out

Monday, 17 December 2012

A Herbalife day out

During the frenzy the leads to Christmas the last thing on your mind REALLY is being healthy and watching what goes in that hole in your face as we count down to 25th...unless your husband is a personal trainer. That is why I'm writing this sat in my hotel room at the Park Inn Heathrow watching planes taking off to sunnier climates and to be honest rather than the cold grey day I can see out the window, in my head, I'm seeing palm trees and blue sea..

I spent most of Saturday in a conference room, listening to numerous members of Herbalife talk about their fortunes and amazing lifestyles that have been made possible through them working for 'the Herbalife family'. There has been a lot of clapping and standing when various speakers take to the stage, I've never heard Tina Turner's 'The Best' played so often - which speaks volumes as I work for a commercial radio station.. Yet despite the Americanism of the presentations, I can't help but admire the passion in which these people are speaking. Many are from humble backgrounds and can now boast six figure salaries. I know money doesn't buy happiness but it gives you options and as a result choices can be easier.

I do believe we are sceptical of others success, we say we admire entrepreneurs, self made men and women.. Yet we all too often assume it will never happen to me, or assume that the person in question was privileged in some way. When you hear people openly tell you how they made their mega bucks and also how YOU TOO can have a piece of the pie...well what do you do.. TAKE IT!

I'm only writing in capitals, as having heard a lot of this from my husband, who is already working as a distributor and has been for a little while now, he wanted me to see if for myself and I now get why - I'm impressed. You can't help but be, when you see the pictures of the far flung places people are travelling, on all expenses paid holidays. Yes i keen thinking of the movie ' The Game' but they call the business a game, so who am i to judge.

So I'm going to head into Christmas with a slightly smug spring in my step. Not only will I watch what goes in that hole in my face as I don't want to star Jan thinking 'oh my god, my thighs' any more than in already do. But now the pair of us will be starting 2013 with a pretty exciting shared vision.. The pool, the helicopters, the big house we've dreamt about could all be possible...and I'm never been materialistic but hey, if it's out there for the taking, I'll have a go.

A Rabbi once said it takes a real strong character to accept how brilliant they can become, because once you do it's a lot to live up to. You certainly have to be in the right place to take this kind of information on board but when you hear people honestly share their success you it's infectious...

What's to lose

N x

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