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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : First Ski Trip - DONE! Loved it, now need to buy better gear

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

First Ski Trip - DONE! Loved it, now need to buy better gear

I did it, my first ski trip ever! This is me somewhere in the 3 Valleys, can't remember where.. We stayed in La Tania which is a lovely little resort. I had my first experience of a 'Chalet' and being cooked dinner every night, which was lovely, although somewhat reminiscent of school dinners. I'd had 4 weeks of lessons at the Snozone in Milton Keynes before I went which i'm chuffed about as the whole idea of trying to get down a mountain was less scary. Still I signed myself up for a weeks ski school with Magic in Motion http://www.magicinmotion.co.uk/ and there was just three of us in a lesson with Richie, who was brilliant. His motto was he'd only give us 2 things to remember, which with my fish like memory worked a treat. During the week i managed to fall of at least four chair lifts, the first actually had to be stopped as I'd not managed to get up and it was passing over my head (that is why you SHOULD wear a helmet!) I also fallen off a button lift, before reaching the top, and my best was not getting up off a chair lift at one point thinking it would nudge me forward

Thursday saw a four hour lesson ending in Meribel and partying at Le Follie Douche a taste of Ibiza on the side of a mountain in Meribel, it was brilliant, with tunage, dancing and i even got up on the table to shimmy in my ski boots   https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10151551413432457

Also that day we had a massage and if you're a first time skier, don't hold back on this. The lady who visited our chalet was a soprts physio and really knew what she was doing ,it was  pleasurably painful but meant I could bend my knees the next day!
Thursday was a four hour lesson and we worked on ironing out the bad habbits, and by Friday I was all set to join the rest of my group on a day trip to Val Thoren including my first red run 'Jerusalem' on a Friday, which for a nice Jewish girl was very appropriate.

Saturday, was a trip and an expensive glass of Sancerre in Courcheval, watching the weather Russians and then a little totter down the high street of designer shops to a Pharmacie as i was determined to reward my ski efforts with some Nuxe Products after a French friend introduced me to them years ago. I LURVE them and am even more excited to have found www.escentual.com and have another order coming through.

If you're wanting some inspiration for your ski holiday - check out La Tania as it's a great base. Le Follie Douce should definately be a destination for Apres Ski - make sure you can get back! There's one in Meribel and Val Thoren. My main focus now is getting better gear as my last minute TK Max purchases won't do for my next trip! We're even thinking of going at NY.

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