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The Wonder Years..how much of this life can we do? : Why you should always try something once!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Why you should always try something once!

THIS is called 'anti-gravity yoga'... Now it's not really yoga, although you do replicate a downward dog with the hammock bunched up and gathered on your hips. So imagine you are going into the inverted V position but then you hook your legs up so you are hanging. I didn't get that picture, what you see below is 'the vampire'. It's brilliant although challenging. I went to The Fitness Society in. Berkhamsted who have a Tuesday night class at 5pm. The instructor did say with some of the moves that it might feel like a deep tissue massage and i can tell you that my hip bones and back did feel bruised for a few days after BUT saying that it was a remarkable experience. You feel like you're in a cocoon in the hammock, you know at the end of a yoga class and you have a few moments of shut eye, this felt like sleeping on a boat which is a favourite place of mine to sleep. Anti- gravity yoga us brilliant for conditioning, we did jumping some lunges and squats using the hammock to pull us up. If y've ever used a TRX, you'll love this - or if you just want to try something different in your exercise routine. Do it! www.thefitnesssociety.com


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